How to Establish a Government: Lesson 1 - The Basics


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This first lesson on how to become or be a government could also be called How To Trick People Into Eagerly Rejecting Their Right To And Power Over Their Own Lives And Willingly Subject Their Whole Worlds To You. What I will teach you here is simply that: how to make people believe you are actually saving them while destroying their liberty and suffocating everything they are about. If you are planning to engage in politics, this is what you should learn and what should guide your actions if you wish to be successful.

This first lesson on how to become a government emphasizes the problems of shifting the power base in society from all those individuals out there to you. It is easy to simply take power and subdue your fellow men by using guns and muscle power, but that would not make your position as ruler a nice one. If you choose this strategy, you will have to guard yourself 24/7 and always prepare for any rebellion or uprising. All this is too costly; it will eventually bring you down, and ruling is not much fun if you always need to make sure your life, power, and wealth are not threatened.

The simple but ingenious solution is of course to make people ask for your protection, i.e. they ask you to rule them. Make sure to be the shepherd all those sheep out there turn to when they experience unfairness, injustice and prejudice. If you can manage to become a mother and father for all those people, making them believe they cannot go on without you, then you have created the eternal kingdom'it is all yours for the taking. It is all downhill from there.

What this is all about is simply to create an illusion that you are a savior putting all things back where they belong, making things right where they have obviously (so you tell them) gone wrong. You should make people believe you have opened their eyes and made them act in their own interest. If you can successfully pull this stunt, then you do not need to worry about the future. You can take it easy and simply need to keep enforcing the lie so that people do not ever think about questioning your power.

A great strategy, used for centuries but still not identified as the perfect strategy for the power hungry by very many, is to create fictitious identities based on group characteristics. Make sure to find a common denominator for a great many people, and see to it so that they believe they are being treated unfairly and unjustly by people having some other characteristic. Always remember to tell the greater or more powerful (in real terms, that is) group it is oppressed, and the weaker group the oppressor. This way you can control the masses without doing much! And they will come to you for further guidance. And they should come to you'you did, after all, put them on the 'right' track once and know the 'truth.'

Classical strategies involve making workers believe they are oppressed by the people paying their salaries. They will rebel on your orders against their supervisors, if you tell them they have the right to be as wealthy as their bosses'but that they have been tricked for years to be poor. They will no doubt listen'speak to their interest!'who wouldn't want to get wealthy by doing nothing? Then you can 'liberate' them through controlling the factories yourself, but doing it in their name.

Turn people's jealousy into action; make the poor, lazy and ignorant into Your People. Hell, why not call them the rightful rulers who have been enslaved by the minority for centuries? That will surely make them come together and follow your lead. Remember that the lazy and ignorant are easier to fool since they do not really understand politics and do not really want to do much at all, and they do not understand how such great wealth they see exist can be created simply through hard work and putting ideas to action. After all, they have probably never tried working hard towards a goal and they probably never had great ideas of their own. Make them feel they are held back by the wealthy, that they have been 'forced' into being an inferior 'servant' class. Tell them they have a natural right as human beings to be as rich as the others. They will no doubt listen to you if you speak this language.

Do not hesitate to point at your competitors as the main source of evil. Are there people with great wealth or influence, make sure to imply all horrors are really their fault. They will probably try to get support from other influential people, so make sure to get support from the masses and use the many to break the few'and put you in power.

People generally do not understand how to get rich if they are poor, so tell them some people are rich because they have cheated everybody else. Tell them they are the ones being good and righteous and that they are the true owners of that vast wealth. No matter if it is true; say it over and over again until it is conceived as The Truth. Then use that 'knowledge' to make your will law.

This is the perfect strategy: it kills your competition while creating genuine support for your person. When people trust you, not your ideas (ideas are not important to rule!), they will listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how crazy. Also, why not share the resources of the wealthy with the masses when they steal it in your name? Dividing wealth into too many pieces makes it simply go away, while you keep both wealth and power'and gain eternal support from your army of poor.

So, make sure to create illusions of good and evil and groups having conflicting interests. And direct people's attention from the fact that you are seeking power. Call it their final liberation'it does not have to change anything, except for making you the ruler.

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