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Readers from all over the world have expressed an interest in buying precious metals, obtaining a private stash, and all things Pirate. Several have asked me to make this a series of articles, a newsletter of sorts. While I don't need another job at the moment, I do have the time to collate some of my recent reading into a periodic compendium of Pirate Poop. If you would like to see something like this in the future, please send me an e-mail telling me specifically which items interest you. Your mileage may vary.

What is a Pirate?

A Pirate is a freeman who lives by a set of standards that may or may not be compatible with what passes for the base of common knowledge or custom of the day.

A Pirate has an ability to see into the future using the tools of history as a map, his study and the experience of others in the past as a compass, and his own intuition as a plotted course.

A Pirate will set out on his own defined course, if necessary, when he sees the rest of the ships sailing off into the mist.

For example: Winston Churchill was a Pirate. The Wright Brothers were Pirates, Columbus and Leif Erickson were no doubt Pirates, and our Founding Fathers were Pirates. Some, like John Hancock, were literally Pirates. Jesus was a Pirate.

Up until they are proven correct, or even prophetic, the true mark of a Pirate is that he is a square peg, an eccentric, an odd duck, and a misfit toy.

A good Pirate lives in the world of history, trends, observation, analysis, logic, and in the end his defined courses of action are generally not associated with common knowledge, but with common sense, however rare at the moment.

Thanks to JCN for the above definition of a Pirate.

Why Gold Prices Will Move Higher

LBMA Precious Metals Forecast 2006

Note the two other precious metal links at the bottom.

Precious Metal FAQs

Note the last question and answer. Sales of bullion coins are not tracked + records are not required = unenforceable tax.

Liberty Coins in the News

What About Palladium?

Why Palladium? Why Now?

Detroit is History

Buy Toyota stock, a year ago.

All Is Well!

This situation has all the earmarks of a time bomb. If this week's numbers do not pan out, it could get real ugly, real fast. I see the market as simply biding time, hoping for the best, while discounting the many negative signs and concentrating on nebulous positive indications that all is well. All it will take is a short string of negatives to push the current market over the edge, into freefall. I think that we are much closer to the next meltdown than almost anyone expects or believes. Only time will tell. Got gold? Silver? Energy?

Why Iran and the U.S. Dollar Are Both Doomed

I can't fault this logic; all that remains to be seen is the method chosen by the U.S. Since the new oil bourse is scheduled to open in March, we can expect to find out soon what that method will be. I am not concerned over the selection, since the end result will be the same no matter what. The only differences involved will be: timing, costs incurred, and the number of dead. Israel is the wild card, but in any event the Empire cannot and will not allow this bourse to open, let alone thrive. For all of his rhetoric re: free markets, Bush will not stand by and allow the Iranians to eat our lunch. That's China 's job!

NASA is Doomed

Bush's "Vision" will quickly disappear when the next crisis or dollar/market meltdown hits. NASA will instantly become an unaffordable luxury during a recession or depression. Katrina is ancient history, Detroit is recent history, the airlines have already gone bankrupt, the dollar is dying, N. Korea is warning of nuclear war, Iran is about to become a front burner nuclear issue, Hamas won the election in Palestine, China is eating our lunch, precious metals are at all-time highs, and we are already heavily committed to two other shooting wars overseas. $100 oil may be the trigger to the end. The Empire is tapped and in serious decline. The end is simply waiting to happen, just like for every other Empire throughout history. Overextension, overspending, and fiat currency doom us, just like all of the rest. We are not special, just next.

The Euro is Doomed

Say it isn't so!

Strategic Self-Preservation

The essay that started all of this. Thousands of reader hits to date, with over 300 copies of the SSP Report forwarded by e-mail so far.

Think Like a Pirate!

How to do it.

info_dude '

Only three requests for more info so far, all were forwarded to the info_dude '.

Future editions of Pirate Poop (if any) will attempt to illustrate some of the lessons learned by past Pirates and the signposts being identified by current Pirates. I invite comments from other Pirates, meaning freemen who operate in the world of historic trends, logic, and common sense. Typical topics could include precious metals, energy, privacy, mobility, climate change, disaster preps, survival skills, and what is really behind the headlines that the mainstream press feeds us.

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