In a Land of Sheep


The headline reads, 'Waiting to Be Rescued' over a picture of thousands sitting and waiting for the government to save them, in a city that has now become a sewer. They're waiting because they don't know what else to do and have never had to think for themselves. What a pathetic people we have become that some would wait to be rescued, rather than do something to save their own life. Truthfully, I guess they're really not to blame for having this mindset though, since it was the government syndicate school system that taught them to think of themselves as victims in the first place. After being conditioned to believe that only the government can protect you, they're now shocked when the reality finally sets in that government cannot save you.

I thought the Mayor of New Orleans had some really good advice when he screamed, 'Get off your asses and do something, goddamn it!' Yes, get off your asses and do something to save yourself! Then I realized he was not talking to the 'victims' in New Orleans, but to the very people he put his trust in to save them. Turns out, he too was a 'victim' who was 'waiting to be saved.'

Yes, we have become a society of sheep, all waiting to be rescued, with no one wanting to take responsibility for their own safety and security. Okay, before everyone goes ballistic and starts typing e-mails to tell me what a cold, heartless prick I am, let me explain. I am not saying that there are not actual people (elderly, children, disabled, etc.) who are in need of help, because I know there are; but certainly not all the people that I have seen. I have seen a lot of people who look more than capable of saving themselves, but would rather lie down and die than do anything to save themselves or anyone else. Of the ones who were capable of leaving and chose to stay, why have they not taken responsibility for their actions?

The blame game has already begun, and every person and everything that someone could imagine has been blamed--the President, the Mayor, the Governor, the levee and even the ocean. Even the race baiters have become involved, with Jesse Jackson and others now saying this was a race issue and that had the Hurricane hit a neighborhood of rich, white people, they would have done something sooner. The problem must be a particular person in government or a human condition; because there is no way government itself could be to blame, right? Then of course there is the theft issue, that had the government been allowed to steal more money from everyone, New Orleans would have had a better levee system. This of course is everyone's responsibility, even if you don't live in New Orleans.

The problem seems to be there was a 'cut' in the amount of stolen money that was in the budget for the levee project in New Orleans . Of course we all know that a 'cut' simply means they did not get all the theft dollars they had hoped for and this means they were cheated out of their share of the loot. This has always been something that I loved to watch. If a program is funded $1 million in stolen money, and the next year they want $1.5 million of other people's money, but are only given $1.45 million, this is somehow a 'cut' and the whole thing is a terrible injustice on the American people. You have to really applaud the government school system; where else could you learn math like this?

So the 'victims' wait, thirsty, tired and hungry, angry at the very people they trusted to save them, but not angry for the right reasons. They're angry because the welfare state did not kick into high gear quickly enough and they were not able to steal what they thought they were entitled to from the public trough in a timely enough manner. What they should be angry about is the fact they were allowed to be made 'victims' in the first place by the very people they trusted with their security. The government has even highlighted how needy these people are by labeling them 'refugees.' They are not even Americans any more, now they are 'refugees.'

I know there are some who are thinking I am defending the government by not jumping on the, 'government did not act in time' bandwagon, but this is not true. I have read several articles by people who claim to be anarchists and libertarians who also want to know where the government was. How can you claim to be anti-government, and then scream for government help at the first sign of trouble? I am not surprised at all; in fact, this is exactly how I would have thought the government would react: disorganized, scared and useless. Which is why you would never see my picture under a headline that read, 'Waiting to Be Saved.' I would have been saving myself, instead of relying on the government to do it. To the people who are still stupid enough to vote, all I can say is you got what you voted for, congratulations.

In a way, I almost have more respect for the looters. Sure, they're criminal scumbags, but at least they took control of their situation and did not wait around to be saved. The sheep have become so dependent on government for their very survival that when they are left to figure out their own plan for safety, they would rather wait and die of starvation and dehydration than think for themselves. The government has convinced them that only it can protect them from the evils of the world, whether it is hurricanes or 'terrorists.' At least Vladimir Putin was honest when he said, 'No government can guarantee its people protection.' He was speaking about terrorism, but it's true for everything.

This is not a money issue, a race issue or a time issue; it's a sheep issue. If people would learn to take care of themselves and provide for their own security, they would never have to be a victim or a refugee. A lot of blame is going to be passed around over the next few years for this, but the real blame lies with the sheep for allowing themselves to become slaves of the State.

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