The Criminal CDC

'Government is not compassion. It is killing, beating, and hanging' ~ Ludwig von Mises

'What government does best is break both of your legs and give you a pair of crutches and says, see, if it wasn't for the government, you would not be able to walk.' ~ Harry Browne

The Center for Disease Control is just another agency in a long list which exemplifies that the state is nothing more than organized crime. Yet, only the state can engage in such overt criminal activity and make the audacious claim that it is there to protect the same ones that it victimizes! For the benefit of the readers, it is necessary that I provide a brief synopsis of our family's particular situation and how our son, like countless others, has been sacrificed on the altar of the medical deities, who are protected by the CDC.

Our seven year old son, Gavin, is autistic. I wrote about this in my STR column called The Autism Epidemic. Our family has been immersed in the autism community for approximately five years now. It is a way of life that is incredibly demanding. Not only are there the daily tasks involved with caring for a child in the Autism Spectrum, but there is a ton of extra baggage which accompanies this journey. For example, there are those out there who seem to think that the parents of an autistic child are somehow special and gifted. That is to say, we have some sort of supernatural powers that allows us to cope with a special needs child better than any other mere mortal. Next, we have that category of 'experts' who accuse us of being 'desperate' because we seek alternative treatments for our child. We also encounter the naysayers. These are the ones who will never be convinced of the mercury-autism link, no matter how much evidence we produce. As parents, we find ourselves spending some effort trying to address much of this ignorance.

That brings us to the CDC. They just don't know what to do with us desperate parents. Unfortunately, for the CDC, some of these desperate parents just happen to have some good credentials. This makes all of the CDC's damage control activity even less credible. One of these parents is Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. He is on the staff of the ICDRC in Florida . My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bradstreet informally last year. It was a group of us so-called desperate parents who spent a couple of hours conversing with one of the most intelligent, scientific minds that I have ever met. The problem that the CDC has with Dr. Bradstreet and many others in his position is that they cannot be bought off with perks from the pharmaceutical companies. Because that is what the CDC is all about. The CDC is nothing more than a gang of mobsters running a protection racket for the AMA, the big pharmaceutical companies and anyone else that they claim to regulate. Those libertarian minded folks got it right again when they have so succinctly stated that the purpose of regulations is to benefit the regulated.

Now, let's look at devil in the details of this CDC cover-up of mercury damage and how it impacts the autism community. This past week, there was a Power of Truth rally in the District of Criminals, I mean, Washington , D.C. The blog and some of the photos from it can be seen here and here. I got about halfway through the photos and I broke down. When I saw many of the faces of the parents and the children, it sort of reminded me of the civilian casualties brought on by any war. To an outsider, these faces may be no different than anyone that you would pass by on the street. But to those of us on the inside, we understand the hurt that these parents feel and the frustration that they suffer when they attempt to redress their grievances. There have been many similar rallies like this one dealing with autism. I even attended one last year at our state capitol. Most of these rallies have to do with raising autism awareness or begging the bureaucrats for more funding for autism treatment. But, the Power of Truth rally appeared to be different. If you will notice, many of the signs displayed had to do with mercury and the damage that it causes. These folks are rubbing some salt into the CDC's wounds! After all, wasn't it the CDC who keeps repeating the mantra that there is no causal link between the mercury in vaccines and the autism epidemic? The CDC claims that there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim. Well, let's start with this report. The very first study that the CDC did indicated that there was a link. They even said so in their own internal memo. This was well documented in the Thief in the Night which can be ordered from Human Kind Productions. What's going on with our watchdogs in the CDC?

The answer lies in understanding the nature of the state and in particular, the facade that the CDC puts on in public. A good example can be found in this little blurb which just appeared in our local newspaper. This is the third time that our son has had coverage in the Racine Journal Times. What is interesting to note is the rhetoric that the CDC engages in. Please be aware that every expert quoted in the CDC response is a government mouthpiece. These puppets are going to say exactly what they are told to say! Also, it is not just what they said, but what they did not say. There is not one reference made by these whores about the damage caused by the mercury in the vaccines. This is all a distraction maneuver. The responses talk about the presence of heavy metals in environmental pollutants and that's it. My theory for this is that most readers would be able to make a mental connection between environmental pollution and illness. This senseless blather will then take the focus off of the true culprits ' the CDC and companies that they protect, like Eli Lilly, which developed the preservative Thimerosal. Thimerosal is about 50% ethyl mercury and can still be found in many vaccines. Information about some of the litigation involving Thimerosal can be found at this website .

Here is another observation about the manner in which the CDC conducts itself publicly. They magically seem to appear out of thin air just at the right time. This is all by design. Keeping in mind that damage control or covering their backside is in the very nature of this beast, the CDC lurks about in the shadows and waits for the opportune moment to maximize their public relations efforts. They also like to employ lookouts or scouts. This has been noticed quite frequently by those who attend the numerous scientific-based autism treatment conferences. The CDC likes to have their finger on the pulse of the autism community. They need to do this so that they can put their own spin on the latest developments and scientific research. One particular incident comes to mind with the end results not being quite what the CDC expected. Last year, the CDC invited itself to what was called an Autism One conference. When the CDC representatives took the stage, they were booed and jeered by the participants. In fact, the ruckus was so bad, that the poor CDC clowns were escorted off of the stage and out the door by security. I believe that the CDC reps were treated rather kindly by the crowd. I would have thought that they were much more deserving to be the targets of rotten garbage and animal dung than mere verbal assaults.

On June 7-8, 2000 , in Norcross , Georgia , the CDC gathered some of their brain trust together for what is now known as the 'Simpsonwood meeting.' This is just another example of the CDC knowing of the autism-mercury link, bringing those concerns forward in a secret meeting, but then publicly denying that such a link exists.

Now, the CDC tells us that they need another two years to do some more studies.

Meanwhile, those of us parents with autistic children are supposed to sit on our hands and wait with baited breath for the CDC to come up with an 'official' explanation as to why our children, who were on a path to normal development, suddenly began to regress at approximately age two. The sad irony of all of this is that the parents are expected to put their faith in these experts who claim to be so scientific. So far, their explanations make them appear to be dumber than a box of rocks. Many of us in the autism community are fully aware that the CDC has been talking to us out of both sides of their mouth for several years now.

There is a simple analogy to apply to this whole situation to prove that the CDC does indeed act in a criminal manner. Let's say that you are walking down a dark alley at night. You hear the cries of what sounds like a young child in distress. You quickly run in the direction of the cries. As you go around the corner of a building, you see a thug with a baseball bat raised in the air. You notice the child huddled in a ball. As you get nearer, you say to the assailant, 'Hey buddy ' if you get me 100 bucks, I promise not to turn you in to the police. Not only that, but I know the way out of this dark alley where no one will notice us and I'll dispose of that bloodied bat for you.' Now, because you have aided in this criminal's escape and disposed of the evidence of the crime, you are just as guilty as he is. Not only that, you have also turned your back on the victim of this crime and have not given any aid and comfort. That is exactly what the CDC has done with the mercury in the vaccines and the damage that it has caused. They have stood by and watched the Autism rate skyrocket in the past ten years. They have seen the evidence come pouring in that the Thimerosal was causing neurological damage in young children. They have placed their stool pigeons in various autism-related conferences so that they could suppress true scientific research and replace it with their junk science. They have had their agents stand mute in congressional hearings while Representative Dan Burton demanded straight answers from them. They have deflected and absorbed the energies of well-meaning autism advocacy groups. They have done all of this with full knowledge of the consequences of their actions. These consequences are the lost opportunities for the damaged children and the insurmountable burden placed upon the parents of these precious little ones. The CDC has engaged in this disgusting cover-up so that they can keep themselves looking squeaky clean and so that their cohorts in crime at Eli Lilly (and other pharmaceutical companies) can be the recipients of filthy lucre. The CDC has shown that they are no better than the common street thug who would beat a helpless child in a dark alley and leave them to die.

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