Dead White Women: Which Ones Matter Most?


The same media circus over a dead white woman occurred recently with the murder of beautiful Taylor Behl. Another gruesome murder and the mainstream media on the scent like a rabid dog. Sex and abduction and murder. All the news stations carried footage from the crime scene. Over and over again. Beautiful White Woman Murdered In SEX-Related Slaying.

Simpson, Holloway and Behl. And before that the shocking, sensational, sex-related murder of a beautiful, white American woman (and her baby) by her husband in California. Seems Scott Peterson was having an illicit sexual affair. Like the other cases, the US media had a field day with the Laci Peterson investigation. Some people even called it the "Case of the Century," and the investigation went on for months.

Surprisingly, one beautiful, white, American woman murdered by a madman went mostly unreported by our watchdog mainstream media. Why? Not because she wasn't as beautiful and full of life as Taylor Behl. Not because she wasn't as blonde and attractive as Natalee Holloway (indeed, she resembled Holloway). Not because she wasn't murdered in a foreign land, like Holloway. Then why didn't the mainstream media jump all over the story like a pack of crazed jackals?

Maybe because Rachel Corrie got killed--crushed to death--by an Israeli soldier representing the power of the state. The death of Corrie was an embarrassment to the cozy relationship of the US and Israel governments and thus the complicit mainstream media mostly ignored it. With a war with Iraq coming, more sensational news stories captivated the media.

Unlike Simpson, Holloway and Behl, Corrie was murdered by one state and ignored by another. Instead of scandalous sex, Corrie got killed for defending some poor Palestinian's humble home. What should have been a major story represented an embarrassment to two governments. The complicit US media, obediently kept on a short leash to Israel's interests, dutifully ignored the story. Not surprisingly, the Israeli soldier who drove the bulldozer was found innocent.

I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, the only dead white women who matter to the American mainstream media are the beautiful, lively, white girls killed in "tragic" sex-related slayings who resemble the attractive women reading the news. Even a beautiful white activist like Rachel Corrie, who foolishly got herself crushed protecting some poor person's shack, doesn't matter to FOX or MSNBC because she was indelicately involved in protecting rights that embarrassed two governments rather than killed by a jealous lover. Instead of dying in some sex-related slaying, Corrie died protecting some invisible person, a Palestinian, a person no more important than a dead dog in the street.

So if you're a white woman and you get killed or murdered--God forbid--better hope sex is involved. Otherwise you're a nobody and you might as well be black or brown.

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