The Idiocy of Gender Equality

Somehow, Sweden doesn't strike me as a place of unrelenting misogyny and patriarchal tyranny. Are Swedish women lower than Afghan women under the Taliban? Sure, 45 percent of Swedish members of parliament are women, but what do I know, I'm just another tyrannical male, how could I know the sufferings of the average Swedish female?

Luckily for the masses of oppressed Swedish women and low-browed troglodytes like me, there exists Gudrun Schyman, who is surprise, surprise, a pinko commie who has now decided to dedicate her career to the burning issue of Swedish sexual 'equality,' vowing to form a women's political party to specifically target the 2006 general elections.

Ms. Schyman previously made headlines when she floated the idea to levy a tax on men to cover the costs of violence against women.

"It must be obvious to all of us that society has a huge problem with male violence against women and that has a cost," she told Swedish radio.

"We must have a discussion where men understand they as a group have a responsibility."

Schyman made headlines in 2002 when she compared the plight of Swedish women to that of women under the Taliban, claiming that sexual 'discrimination in Sweden followed the same pattern as in Afghanistan under the Taliban.'

She also suggested that the state (that is, Swedish taxpayers) should supply free tampons to women.

It's obvious here that we are dealing with a heavily indoctrinated mind. But Ms. Gudrun Schyman isn't alone in this insanity. She has surrounded herself with a number of other 'high-profile' Swedish feminists. One is the author Maria-Pia Boethius, who in 2002 wrote 'the Anti-Patriarchal Manifesto.'

'We're going to give everyone a kick in the backside,' said Boethius, who even earlier tried to launch her own feminist party.

And since a politician is the same everywhere, no matter what ethnicity or gender, the chairwoman of the ruling Social Democrats, fearing the loss of votes, has vowed the party will issue its own feminist proposals.

Not only has the political syndicate adopted this nonsense, it has found surprisingly wide and deep support among the deluded herds of Swedish voters. In the same article, while Ms. Gudrun Schyman herself isn't particularly popular due to her communist taint, her ideas however, are. A poll published in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet showed that 23 percent of all voters, and 27 percent of women, would consider voting for a feminist party.

For women's voices to be heard 'one needs to have a very clear mandate that states what this is about: breaking the patriarchal power structure,' Schyman said.

I suppose this is typical of the age we live in. Here we have a woman raging against the existence of the male of the species, and in the name of making women equal to those men, promotes the notion of a sexually-based punitive tax based not even on guilt but on one's mere existence and not only that, is now advocating the formation of a sexually exclusive organization to promote one sex over the other. And this is supposed to be equality? Is this what equality is supposed to look like?

I don't know, but I'm willing to bet that Sweden, like every other quasi-totalitarian regime, has edicts outlawing organizations from discriminating between the sexes. Would men be barred from joining this Women's Party? Maybe they could join but not vote as members? Maybe men can join and even vote but couldn't expect to occupy the major party offices? After all, what sense would it make for a Women's Party to be headed by a man? One can't have the dreaded patriarchy in the all-women's party, after all.

I think we can be pretty sure that this 'Women's Party' will be controlled and staffed by women and that men will be barred from its higher ranks. Or maybe they'll just have a token man or two high up to show how open-minded and tolerant they are, unlike those nasty, women-hating men.

On the bright side, if this ridiculous idea for this party is ever realized, we could be treated to the example of swarms of women maneuvering and arm-twisting behind the scenes to prevent any man from being elected to its higher offices, putting the lie to the feminist dogma that women conduct the evil of politics differently then men.

Or maybe they will simply ban men from having any role in their party at all and damn the law. After all, it's what they would like to do to society if they ever achieved power over the lives of men.

It's a reflection on how politics has corrupted our language and our ethics that it is seen as perfectly legitimate to attempt to remedy the old pre-industrial privilege for men produced by the military-agricultural complex of pre-capitalist society not by removing the legal disabilities on women, but to actively seek revenge upon men as a class.

Gender equality is a fraud that masks a naked lust for power by a small minority of totalitarian, anti-men fanatics. The very notion of gender as a whole being equal requires a mass hatred, a sense of resentment and entitlement that can only culminate in a desire for revenge, to seek out and punish all those who belong to the official enemy class of humanity. This fool's conception of equality offered by would-be tyrants everywhere has more to do with a burning envy of others and a smoldering love for the power to destroy. This is not equality.

The only genuine form of equality is individual liberty. Liberty as pointed out by philosophers like Herbert Spencer and Roderick Long practices an equality that does not distinguish between gender and ethnicity, but on ability and the requirements of the division of labor. Free market equality values the individual not for what they are but for who they are as a person. A person who has individual needs and desires and interests. The free market deals with real human beings. These tyrannical counterfeit egalitarians like Gudrun Schyman and Maria-Pia Boethius deal instead with straw men and stereotypes.

To be free is to be equal, free from the State and its privileges for some at the expense of the property and lives of the many.

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