Bind, Torture, Kill

With the arrest of a suspect in the infamous decades long string of murders by the mysterious sociopath the media dubbed the BTK Serial Killer (for Bind, Torture, Kill), has come the obligatory media accounts of what defines these types of human beings.

Word is that the BTK killer originally desired the more traditional name for someone in his 'profession,' such as the Wichita Strangler. Others he considered were the Bondage Strangler, the Poetic Strangler, the Wichita Hangman, the 'Asphyxiater,' the Garrote Phantom, and of course, simply, Psycho.

These psychos 'unrepentant killers--share common traits, such as a brooding lust for power. According to a story on Yahoo! News that interviewed James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University criminologist and author of the book Extreme Killing, "Killers such as the Kansas man who called himself BTK are 'basically losers' who never distinguished themselves except through brutality."

'There's a lot of people that are obsessed with power, dominance and control, but they satisfy that through their jobs,' Fox said. 'What's true about serial killers is that they're basically losers. In their own mind, they have never distinguished themselves in the way they'd like to.'

'Almost all of them have a very large need for control or power,' said Eric Hickey, a criminal psychologist at California State University-Fresno, who wrote the book Serial Murderers and Their Victims. 'It makes them feel like they're the big man in the community.'

The news report also said that 'many serial killers share other similarities: dysfunctional backgrounds, feelings of abandonment and rejection, and a desire for recognition.'

Hmmmm. Who else does this sound like? Maybe those other psychos in our midst, who lie, cheat and steal without remorse. Isn't it the very definition of the political class to say what is necessary to get and maintain power, and to lash out to erase all threats to their power? What else is this but the victimization of the public? Who are the notable victims of the political class of thieves and murderers? You and I and everyone else in the world who is on the receiving end of the 'compassion' of these thugs and gangsters.

All politicians are by definition losers. Losers who cannot satiate their megalomania and distinguish themselves except through brutality. For politicians, being megalomaniacs is their job description. Nothing is beyond their claim of a 'solution,' real or imagined.

And as the tyrannical power of the presidency has been excavated and honed, it too, has continued to attract power-mad psychopaths with increasing frequency.

George Napoleon Bush is just the latest and most grotesque example of this process. With his regime, we have seen the application of the BTK methodology worldwide: binding Americans to his regime through fear, deception and threats of violence, torturing any who resist the domination of the District of Criminals, and killing all who stand in his way.

Does this man shed any tears for the tens of thousands he's killed? Does he regret this loss of life? Does he lose sleep at night from a guilty conscience? Does he give any sign of having a conscience at all?

And not only Bush. Do any politicians demonstrate any inkling of regret, any pangs of conscience at the horrors they bring? Few to none, unfortunately.

And not satisfied with the immensity of the crimes he has committed already, this man promises more to come. His megalomaniacal lust for power appears to burn as bright as ever. Failing upward is a Bush family trademark, after all. What is more ridiculous, indeed, offensive to human freedom than for this bloodthirsty tyrant to claim to exercise stewardship over the entire human race? With every 'historic' speech he gives, Bush proudly proclaims that destiny is at his back and mankind is under his feet.

The characteristics of the politician is, like every other criminal and killer, that of the unconscionable liar, the thief and murderer.

For some reason these monsters go into politics and instead of hunting victims in back alleys, through politics they are able to magnify the scale of their crimes and the scope of their victims.

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