Government' Is PEOPLE!

Do you remember, years ago, watching the movie "Soylent Green" with Charlton Heston? Heston, playing the part of Detective Robert Thorn, finds out that the food the people in the central government have been feeding the masses is made out of the dead that have been killed by the people in the central government. At the end of the movie he yells, "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!" I came to the conclusion that maybe we need to start calling the government what it really is. I am now yelling to you and the world . . . "GOVERNMENT IS PEOPLE!" And THAT, my friend, is the PROBLEM with GOVERNMENT.

When are we EVER going to wake up to this simple truth? When you read an article that says something like, " Missouri and Arkansas cannot come to an agreement when State Road 65 will be completed," it should really read as:

"Joe Shmoe and Dim Jim cannot come to an agreement when State Road 65 will be completed."

When you read, "the United States and Iran are at disagreement about whatever," it should read: "The Emperor/President and Ayatollah Whoever are at a disagreement about whatever."

The problem is that it just doesn't sound so grand by simply supplying the names of those in disagreement. It reads better and pounds into your mind the concept that Missouri or Arkansas or the " United States " is a being that can disagree and think. I DON'T THINK SO!

You see, the plot of 'Soylent Green' took place in the year 2022 where in an overpopulated, futuristic Earth, a New York police detective (Charlton Heston) finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff.

What I am wondering is when are WE, who speak, to become marked for murder by government agents for exposing their little scam to the world?

Let's take a close look at some recent occurrences and the possible effect on you and I, but before we do so, let me set out some groundwork for us to think about.

Do I have the right to ask my next door neighbor to carry identification that I approve, so that I can see who he is anytime I feel like?

Do I have the right to get all the neighbors in the neighborhood to carry identification for me to see on demand?

If I get together with all the neighbors and form a corporation called the city of Oz , do I then have the right to demand that my neighbor carry identification that I approve of to be produced on demand?

If all my neighbors get together and vote to make it a "law" that everyone carry approved ID that we must submit on demand to the "proper authorities," does that change anything?

Here is my dilemma. Realizing that government is nothing but PEOPLE, just like you and me in many respects, and yet very different from you and me in the sense that they think they are ABOVE us and somehow we are their servants to do whatever they demand, I run into a problem. You see, I don't think that you can pass a law to do something that you couldn't do without the law. If I can't demand to see papers I approve from my neighbor, then a total stranger has NO RIGHT to ask me for some.

I am the type of guy who just doesn't think that any Joe Schmuck should be able to know WHAT I read, WHERE I go to church or even if I don't, WHO I associate with, WHAT I believe or don't believe. I don't think some total stranger should know my IQ, where I went to school, how many years I went to school, or what I majored in. I don't think it is any business of a total stranger to know what I buy, whom I buy it from and how I pay for it. WHY SHOULD I? I don't think some total stranger should have the right to know WHO I am married to, HOW MANY CHILDREN I have, their ages, their birth dates, for that matter I don't think a TOTAL STRANGER SHOULD KNOW SHIT ABOUT ME. And to me, people who work in the "government" are TOTAL STRANGERS, and I don't TRUST any of them. WHY SHOULD I? I have a hard time trusting friends, especially after dealing with them in financial matters. Want to loose a friend? Have him owe you money.

So why should ANY OF US trust total strangers with information about us? WHY? Because they decided to be "police officers" and I had decided to be a plumber, somehow that makes them able to be trusted? Because they are "Homeland Security Operatives" or because they are a "judge" or some other made up wizard position? Because 10,000 idiots voted them into office I should trust them? Or because 10 MILLION idiots voted them into office, that makes it "OK"? How about those who were APPOINTED? Those the idiots didn't get to vote for? How many cops do you know of who were VOTED into their position? How many driver's license employees, State Troopers, or for that matter the head of Homeland Security did the idiots get to vote for?

Why should I trust ANY OF THEM? WHY SHOULD YOU? I can fill VOLUMES on abuses by people in the government who have taken bribes, who have lied on witness stands, who have lied to convict people of things they didn't do, who have murdered, raped, stolen, dealt in drugs, been caught with child pornography, masturbated while actually sitting on the bench judging cases, flashed children in parks, tasered and killed innocent people, etc, etc. I could fill VOLUMES. So why should we trust ANY OF THEM? IT ISN'T ANY OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS. PERIOD. WHEN ARE "THEY" GOING TO UNDERSTAND?

Since PEOPLE are who make up the government and PEOPLE are not perfect in many ways, why should we trust ANY of OUR sensitive personal information to STRANGERS?

Who do they think they are to try to issue me numbers to be able to go about my personal business? Who do they think they are to want to issue me an INTERNAL PASSPORT so that I can travel about doing my own daily personal chores? I want to know WHY any of us put up with this crap. Maybe we shouldn't. Maybe what we all need to do is when it is time to renew our driver's licenses, which have been turned into de facto federal internal passports, we should just drive with EXPIRED licenses. And if a few million of us do it, or even a few hundred thousand, what are they going to do? LOCK US ALL UP? STEAL ALL OF OUR CARS? I told my wife I am going to fill the back yard up with $300 cars so that they can steal them all they want.

I say tell them all to go to hell. Any time a total stranger wants to know ANYTHING about you, ask them why you should give them the time of day. Make them arrest us all. Refuse to let them have fingerprints. Make them drag you everywhere. Frankly, tell them to drop dead. We don't owe them ANYTHING. I wasn't put on this earth to be some tyrant's doormat.

To quote the words of Billy the Kid in the movie 'Young Guns,' . . . "You can go to HELL HELL HELL."

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Mark Reynolds is a retired plumber and website developer residing with his wife of 45  years and his four grown sons  in the place most folks call Arkansas. Reading the books Letters to Jessica, a Child’s Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit  and The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine were  major turning points in his life.