Staging an 'Attack' to Promote Fear and Paranoia

For anyone who cares to know the true character of the gutless and paranoid warmongers driving this country quickly into the ground, it was on full display in the fiasco last week when an aircraft 'invaded,' supposedly undetected, the most restricted airspace on earth. Being there on the ground in DC was not necessary to get a feel for the new extremes The Empire is willing to go to perpetuate fear of everything it claims is a potential terrorist act in the making. The image of 30,000 people running for their lives paints a vivid enough picture.

I've been thinking about this latest 'incident' for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that, like all the bullshit since and including 9/11--the direct/indirect terrorist links to Afghanistan and Iraq, WMDs, yellowcake from Africa, aluminum tubes, unmanned drones delivering nerve gas, dirty bombs, etc., etc., etc., this was just another episode in the lies and subterfuge designed to inhibit Americans' ability to question the legitimacy of threats the government claims are never-ending and always changing.

How could a Cessna, described appropriately in one account I read as the aeronautical equivalent of a flying car, be allowed to fly so far into the tightly-guarded airspace over the American Berlin, get to less than three miles from the White House, before somebody thought to scramble first a helicopter and then fighters, to intercept the aircraft? The answer is simple: that airplane was allowed to come deep inside the restricted DC corridor long before any response was made. No other explanation makes sense.

Twenty years ago when I was in the Air Force, we had radar equipment that could tell us type of aircraft, airspeed, altitude, direction in relation to a known point of reference (us, the radar site); I have to believe that the same technology is in use today and has likely been enhanced over the last 20 years.

Given how fast a Cessna would be flying in such an environment--over a major city, with a student pilot on board, and how extreme the response was from our Fatherland Security Forces, it is completely plausible that a representative of the same cabal that pulled off the 9/11 charade successfully infiltrated air traffic control that day and walked the unsuspecting pilot into a major propaganda show for Fatherland Security, thus creating a visual reminder of the need to remain ever vigilant and focused on the still-real threat of terrorist strikes against domestic American targets.

Some might argue that the DC Fatherland protectors on the ground and the military pilots in the air did not know what danger was posed by the small intruding aircraft. So what? The two men on that Cessna knew that they were not terrorists nor intending to strike a significant imperial target on the ground, so they would not have been flying at such a speed or course that would indicate malicious intent. Why were they permitted to continue along their deviated course for such a distance? Because they were center-stage in a script written specifically by the same fear-mongers who have been desperately trying to keep the sheep together since the beginning of the Iraq war.

The urgency depicted by the scrambling of fighter jets only served to heighten the hysteria of whoever was an unwilling participant of the day's events or an observer of the news accounts sure to follow that evening.

Few Americans are imbued with the intellectual skills needed to discern the level of deception, lying, and staging of events carried out by our government, all in the name of national security and fighting the war on (fill in the blank). In this latest incident, their senses told them how grave the situation had become: they saw the helicopter and the fighters; they saw the pilot forced to the ground; they saw the pilot handcuffed by a handful of goons employed for the advancement of the state's interests (cops). As far as the average, thoughtless viewer is concerned, what was done was completely necessary. No need to ask questions about the government's response.

More plausible evidence that this was a staged event for the news with the intent of heightening national hysteria? President Bush wasn't even informed of the situation until after it had been concluded. He was in the Maryland woods riding his bicycle. When asked at a press conference why the president had not been informed, Press Secretary Scott McClellan responded repeatedly with platitudes about the need to respond according to circumstances and situations, and to the president's handlers in Washington, the emergency evacuation of 30,000 people did not warrant the president's attention; nor, apparently, did the safety of the president's wife or the vice president. Perhaps because everything was going according to plan. Why disturb the president unless the exercise got out of hand (some of the 30,000 rioting and looting)?

If nothing else, at least the 30,000 participants in the government's splendid little exercise got a sense of what it might be like to be an Iraqi civilian living in a city targeted by U. S. warplanes. The warning system, albeit to a fabricated threat, would have been much quicker and useful than that accorded to the average Iraqi. The most warning the Iraqi would have gotten was the faint sound of jet engines trailing off in the distance just before the bombs ripped him and his family to pieces.

We can only imagine such a scene because our government would never allow its own acts of terrorism abroad to be broadcast on the evening news. Instead, in order to perpetuate paranoia and fear of everything moving without government authorization, the American sheeple must not be allowed to ask why that Iraqi civilian, his family, and thousands of other innocents must be blown to bits in order to make America a safer place to live. Americans must see thousands of their own countrymen running for the hills from hyped threats and staged 'attacks.' Is this an indication of the paranoia to come? Better look out in DC. Next time they might actually claim the sky is falling.

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