The AIDS Deception


Government rests on a gigantic 'protection racket'; a threat is perceived, and Pols offer their services to protect people from it, in return for a grant of power. The alleged 'AIDS Epidemic' is a case in point, and doubly mendacious; there is no true threat, and there has certainly been no government-provided protection.

When someone dies of a disease, his immune system can be said to be deficient; it wasn't up to the task of warding it off. If he succumbs to more than one disease, the condition might be called a syndrome; so right away, we have three quarters of an acronym popular in government circles for a quarter century: IDS, Immune Deficiency Syndrome. In earlier, simpler times it might have been called 'death by natural causes.'

But what set the world about its ears in the early 1980s, and what got medical researchers eager to suck at the government teat so excited, was the news that otherwise virile people might be able to acquire such an IDS ' that the condition might be transmittable, so setting the human race's future at risk. Thus was born the modern AIDS industry.

It came from two key sets of observations. One was that promiscuous male homosexuals were dying in alarming numbers in New York and San Francisco , and the other was that they were also doing so in Central Africa . Link a fearsome new disease to sex, and presto! the tax coffers are poised to disgorge their bounty.

The African work was done by the French medical missionary Dr. Philippe Krynen, who is usually credited with the first observations of AIDS in 1982. We'll hear more about him below.

Thanks to the high correlation between the Syndrome and the sexual practices of the victims, AIDS was at once regarded as a Sexually Transmitted Disease, or STD--so chilling the passion of every swinger; for who knows, this might be transmitted from male to female, and vice versa. Observations stubbornly declined to support that expectation, but the possibility was a valuable bogeyman in the hands of the self-appointed guardians of public morality under President Reagan.

The scramble to find the cause, and then a cure, had begun; and the race was 'won,' kind-of, by American Dr. Robert Gallo in 1984. He narrowly beat his French rival by announcing that AIDS was caused by HIV, a Human Immuno-deficiency Virus--a coup marred by stories of professional misconduct--but the demand for a solution was shrill, and American medical prestige was on the line, and buckets of stolen money stood ready to reward the winner, so there was a rush to judgment. It has never been reversed. When by the 1990s more and more data stubbornly declined to confirm a proper correlation, the doctrine that HIV causes AIDS was declared true ex cathedra; that is, nobody got a job at the National Institute for Health (NIH) unless he swore he accepted it as an article of faith; so was 'HIV/AIDS' woven out of whole cloth--perhaps the first time a disease has been created by the coining of a name.

The deception here is an appalling betrayal of basic principles of the scientific method, and the story is well told by Ellison & Duesberg in their book Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS ' see also Professor Duesberg's website and even a 1994 article of mine. Duesberg's powerful exposure of the official doctrine is presented also in an interview and centers around the century-old principle of Dr. Robert Koch. The Koch Postulates hold that in order validly to find that a disease D is brought about by a cause C, four things must be observed to be true:

- C should be shown to be present in all cases of animals suffering from D but should not be found in healthy animals.

-C should be isolated from the diseased animal and grown in pure culture on artificial laboratory media.

-This freshly isolated microorganism, when inoculated into a healthy laboratory animal, should cause the same disease seen in the original animal.

- The microorganism should be re-isolated in pure culture from the experimental infection.

Yet after a quarter century of frenetic government-funded research, Postulates 1 and 3 are not applicable to AIDS. Many die from TB, for example, who are entirely free of the HI virus; and many have the virus but never contract a fatal disease! If AIDS exists, HIV is therefore not its cause.

There is, however, a deeper problem, as Prof. Duesberg notes: Not only is the wrong haystack being explored for a cause for AIDS, but strictly speaking, AIDS does not even exist! - or not, certainly, as a communicable disease in the ordinary sense of the phrase. This was the startling conclusion of the same Dr. Philippe Krynen, five years after he said he thought it did. Five years of continuing research and treatment in Tanzania had convinced him that his original theory was mistaken: 'There is no AIDS. It is something that has been invented.' That's the news that the government-funded $6 billion per year AIDS 'research' industry has being keeping quiet.

On May 22nd 2005 , 20 years after the panic reached its zenith under Reagan, the story was signaled by CBS' '60 Minutes' to have come full circle, under Bush II. The retraction is being done with an arrogant dishonesty wholly typical of Government Man.

The subject segment was on what government is doing to reduce teenage sex. No longer fashionable, under the Bush Prudes, just to teach kids to use condoms, the word from on high today is Abstinence. Yes folks, those of you who pay the alleged 'income tax' are placing some of those dollars in a propaganda machine to convince teens not to copulate until married. I feel sure I've seen that advice somewhere before; and sure enough, reporter Ed Bradley found strong religious undertones to the program and questioned whether the 'liberals'' precious 'Separation Clause' was being violated. And part of the message is that abstinence, allegedly unlike condoms, is the only sure way to prevent ' here it comes ' 'STDs and AIDS.'

I want you carefully to notice that conjunction; Bradley used the phrase several times, so it was not an oversight. He didn't say it would stop 'STDs,' or 'STDs like AIDS,' he said 'STDs and AIDS.' The subtle signal, a mere 15 or 20 years after the truth was there to see, and even now conveyed in sentences that seemed to say the opposite, is that AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease. Watch out for the next episode, months or years from now, when it's further admitted, by some similar back-door method, that AIDS is not a disease at all but was invented out of thin air by those government people who like to spoil your fun as well as steal your money.

Meanwhile the funding of 'research,' with all that stolen money, does not stop. Heck, why ever should it? That would be to call on government to cheat Aristotle, violate the rules of grammar, and act rationally.

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