Don't Drink German Milk!


The National Food Administration in Sweden today (May 18) issued a warning: don't drink German milk. The NFA is truly worried about the milk's effects on public health. In Sweden , health is a big issue (that's why we have at least three different authorities 'protecting' public health) and consequently it is not only on the news'it is The News of the day. On the hour every hour I get to hear about the 'dangers' of this German milk.

When listening carefully, it is not really a warning, even though it begins with 'The National Food Administration warns . . . .' No, it is yet another of these very strange health reports that has nothing to do with health. And as I have written elsewhere, the media doesn't care to investigate or even look into what they're reporting.

The warning is based on the fact that milk imported from Germany lacks one of the added substances common in Swedish milk! It seems that the bodies of teenagers need help from vitamin D to extract and make use of the calcium in milk, which is why Swedish dairy corporations add it (probably from fear of government repression). The conclusion drawn by the 'scientists' at the National Food Administration is that German milk, since it is more natural than Swedish milk, is 'dangerous' to teenagers! Is this junk science or what?

Let's see if we got this straight: The government is issuing a health warning since imported milk is not modified. What's this, doesn't government usually claim 'natural' is superior, and wastes millions of taxpayers' money 'investing' in natural farming, natural energy, natural . . . . ? What will be the next warning along these lines? The health issues arising from foreign bottled water, since Swedish tap water always has fluorine added (it's good for the teeth, they say)? No, this warning is not about health at all: It is about the government (no, I'm not making this up).

As a result of the seemingly endless reports on the 'bad economic state' of the Swedish government, government agencies are competing to get public recognition so that they can get a larger share of next year's state budget. This 'health warning' is but part of a campaign for the National Food Administration, using the media. A couple of years ago, there was another of these marketing campaigns for government agencies'on television. It was the tax authority (!) campaigning for the greatness of taxes. 'Pay your dues, or everything you cherish will vanish.'

The year before that the National Board for Consumer Policies issued a health warning about frying pans covered with Teflon'. 'Warning, they can cause cancer! You better use one of the traditional frying pans!' One of the few publicly employed with a conscience later reported that the tested steaks were fried so hard they literally had to tear the charred pieces from the frying pans with butcher's knives. Who is surprised such steaks are bad for your health? But honesty is not in the interest of a government agency seeking a larger share of taxpayers' money. And it is of no interest to the media, always trying to please the government. After the campaign they were no doubt 'rewarded' with a larger budget.

How can I be so sure this is yet another government agency stunt? Easy. The media is reporting exactly what the government says, they never change a thing. Also, the interview with the professor associated with the Board is available on the State Radio web site. Professor 'ke Bruce clearly states that drinking milk imported from Germany , in supermarkets such as Lidl (yes, he says so!), may entail a risk for teenagers' development of the skeleton.

Now, why would a government agency issuing a warning have to mention a certain chain store by name? The reason is obvious (if you're not blinded by statism): this is a campaign triggered by domestic interests threatened by the foreign low-price supermarkets. And the government agency acts immediately'a larger budget share is within grasp!

Yes, the health warning is truly worrying. But the only ones who should worry are the taxpayers. They are yet again victims.

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