50% of Americans Favor Marijuana Legalization


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I believe the number in favor is higher. The key to legalization is reclassification of the cannibis plant. the narcotic label is the problem. the legislation against cannibis makes it a commodity. Everyman should have the right to grow, harvest and ingest it as they see fit. If this were the case, it would be devalued to the point of being nearly worthless, no longer able to be bought, sold or traded for profit.
I believe this will not be allowed to happen because self medication would devastate the health care money machine. the toxins doctors prescribe would be shunned, drug sales would plummet, insurance companies would lose their meal ticket and investors would lose their asses in the great turning away from medicine for profit.
What a blow this would be to our corrupt oppressors, to take away the ridiculous premium we pay to ease our aches and pains. Stress is a killer. There is no arguement for that. The sense of peace from self medicating would lower bloodpressure, relieve anxiety, ease depression and improve the quality of life for so many, it's no wonder they see it as such a huge threat...to their investment portfolios!
I could say so much more but since this is my first post, I'll keep it concise and to the point.

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Every "man" does have the right to grow, harvest and ingest it, scot-free [#2], scott free 68, but every “person [#6]” does not.

Homo vocabulum est naturae; persona juris civilis. Man (homo) is a term of nature; person (persona) of civil law. ~ Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition (c.1991), page 736

Now all you have to do is find out how, and become, an “unperson”, scott free 68, to grow, harvest and ingest marijuana...well, scot-free. ;)

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legalization of marijuana both has good and bad effect but I guess if the government will put some restrictions on the way patient will use it, I don't see any problem with it. Anyway another controversial bill regarding legalization is now on the processed. According to the article I read awhile ago, The state of Hawaii could be the fourth to enact a “Death with Dignity” law permitting terminally ill individuals to commit physician-assisted suicide. Many believe that the terminally ill should be able to determine their own death if they desire to end their suffering, but there are an equal number of people that don't agree. Source of article: Hawaii might already have Death with Dignity law

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Do tell, vivianC, what are the "bad effects" of legalization of marijuana?

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No doubt Vivian will tell you the same bad effects as the legalization of corrupting political theories, which likewise rends the fabric of society. We have no more right to put bad ideas in our head than we do to put bad plant products in our bodies. The government knows best what we can read or ingest!

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G'day Tony Pivetta,

I realize that you were being facetious, but persons like vivianC, whoever (s)he is, need to know that in my jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of free men, all things are "legal" which the natural law does not forbid.

And, once more, for the record, I do not consent. So, vivianC, I don't really care if you "see a problem with it" or not. The simple litmus test, if I am a free man, is to answer the question, "Whose natural rights, e.g. whose right to life, liberty and/or property, have I trespassed upon by doing this act, in this case, smokin' a doob?" If the answer is no one's, then I have a "green light".

If, on the other hand, you are not a free man, or woman, then you must seek your master(s) permission before you can "legally" do an act, even if it harms no one but yourself; you must beg 'him' to "legalize" it.

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This is for rita.


She'll know how to use it. ;)

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well vivianC, my perspective is that the government should not have the ability to impose any restrictions and that no one should have to be anyone's patient to self-medicate with an herb. I will always reject the idea that those who know what is best for us must rise and save us from ourselves. control mechanisms already exist to prevent working, driving or attending school under the influence. there is a "litmus paper" test that reveals the prescense of active cannabinoids in one's saliva. this test not only shows if a person is "high" but to what degree they are "high". the pee testing reveals what i may have done 25 days ago in the privacy of my own home. using that type of testing enables a multitude of agencies to descriminate against me. If i choose to drive "high" or choose to go to work "high" i infringe on the rights of others to be safe on the road or in the workplace and that is unacceptable. if i choose to "burn one" before bed, under current law, i am a felon who should have my income taken away along with my right to drive, collect unemployment and/or govt. assistance, or walk the streets a free man. this issue has nothing to do with right and wrong. it is simply a tool used by those in power to perpetuate the empire they control. total legalization is a financial threat to the medical machine, the pharmaceutical machine, the insurance machine, the tax machine, and the justice/incarceration machine. as i said, it would devastate their investment portfolios. it's only about the control of (their) $.

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awsome link Sueverans2...Setting aside the complexities of the issue, simple math shows an absolute financial basis for abandoning the drug policies regarding marijuana. politicians and law enforcement agencies are feeding the justice machine with the bodies and wallets of anyone they can handcuff.
sex offenders are being released to make room for citizens who posess vegetation! people are labled as felons for possesing vegetation. in some cases, taxes are spent providing public assistence to people who are unemployed for having ingested vegetation.
How is it that politicians can do the opposite of the will of the people and still get paid?
How is it that we have not yet found the way to fire every single one of the liars and bar them from any form of public service?
The 99% should be chanting "you're all f'ng liars, and you're all f'ng fired"!

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There's nothing surprising about this statistic, marijuana is a very popular drug, it has a lot of supporters. I am not one of them though, I've learned my lesson the hard way and I had my second chance in a bay area drug rehab, I am clean for three years and I plan to stay this way.