I don't know about everyone else, but if I have to hear one more politician or talking head say something about Democracy, I may start shooting. During and after the S-election, all I have heard is the mindless chant of Democracy. If it's not from the right wing neo-cons who 'won' the fiasco, it's from the other side whining about how Democracy was stolen.

The funny part is, Democracy accomplished just what it was intended to accomplish, mob rule! It's hysterical that someone is complaining that the election was not fair, when all elections are not fair. Is it ever fair that 51% of the people tell the other 49% what they can do with their property?

We were intended to be a representative Republic, and I think it is treason for any government official to say otherwise. If they are going to perpetuate the lie of Democracy, they should at least call it by its rightful name, Mobocracy!

It's an insult to my intelligence to hear politicians, the media, and the average sheep on the street promote this farce. I would expect the government to promote Democracy because it benefits them, but for the masses to do so is ludicrous! I have always known that the masses are asses, but this goes beyond what I even imagined.

Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about how Democracy was lost, stolen or abused in some way. The sheep never get the obvious, which is Democracy worked, and it worked well. I get asked all the time what is the difference between a Democracy and a Republic; most people do not have a clue.

Simply put, a Republic is a system in which certain things will never be up for a vote. Only things outlined in the Constitution would be subject to a vote, all others would not. In a Republic, the majority would never be able to vote on an issue such as, should a bar owner be able to allow smoking in his establishment? This would never be up for a vote in a Republic, but in a Democracy, everything is on the table.

The Constitution? (I can hear everyone scream) I thought you said the Constitution was a scam as well? It is, in the fact that it's not what it says, but who gets to interpret it. If the government is not going to follow it, why the hell should I? If there were a way to keep the government bound down and kept in its cage, I would be for it.

In reality, we all know that is not possible, so therefore, I do not support the scam of the Constitution. Even if it were to be observed, how does it apply to anyone alive today? I know I did not sign it.

Why the Constitution in the first place? Here is another little-known fact about this sacred document. It was not as widely accepted as you were led to believe; in fact, Jefferson did not trust it in whole. The purpose was to take rights away. They thought that the Federalist Papers actually gave the States too many rights, and needed to limit them somehow. In a sense, the Constitution was just like our modern day Patriot Act--a wolf in sheep's clothing.

It should never be possible for a group of people to decide what a property owner can do with his or her property, no matter how big the group or how good the cause. I have noticed signs when driving down the road announcing that there will be a meeting of the people to decide if Wal-Mart should be allowed to build a store on land they legally purchased. I find this absurd! Who the hell should have the right to decide what the property owner can do with his property, except the property owner?

Most people would think I was crazy if I were to come to their house and start making decisions on their furniture, appliances, decorating choices or children, but these same people see nothing wrong with telling the proprietor of a business how he or she should be able to run their business, in which those same people also have nothing invested as far as money, time or risk.

I am so tired of the mindless Sheople of the world thinking they should have a say in someone else's property because 'they' don't like how the property owner is controlling his or her property. The longer the Sheople buy into the lie of Democracy, the worse this is going to get. There is something inherently evil about teaching people that it is okay to have a vote concerning someone else's property. This is not only immoral, but obscene as well.

The scam of Democracy is taught to our kids, so they can in turn teach it to their kids. The people that control the minds of our youth, control the future. As long as the State is in charge of educating our children, we will never be free.

Mob rule is alive and well today in the form of Mobocracy!

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Mike Wasdin is an Anarcho-Capitalist from Phoenix, Arizona. He also moderates an anti-government website on Yahoo.