Living Lies


Think of this concept:

If I can control the meanings of your language, I can control your thoughts, and if I can control your thoughts, I can turn you into a slave.

Has this happened? Have we almost to a man become a nation of slaves rather than the home of the brave? Well, let's start with checking out what you "think" a particular word means.

First let's take a multiple choice test. Let me ask you what a "dollar" is.

Is a dollar a piece of paper? Is it money? Is it a weight of measure?

If it is a piece of paper, would you need 10 of them to make 10 dollars?

If it is money, according to the Federal Reserve definition, then wouldn't it be durable, a store of value and divisible?

If it is a weight of measure, then what is it a weight of measure of?

If you answered that it is a weight of measure, you were correct. According to the Coinage Act of 1792, a dollar is how our money is supposed to be weighed.

DOLLARS OR UNITS--each to be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current, and to contain three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver.

Now if someone was intent on controlling the economy through deceptive means, wouldn't it be beneficial for them to take control of what the people use to buy and sell with from the people and control it themselves?

So you see, we have been living a lie, believing a piece of paper is a dollar, when in reality it is nothing but paper.

"All the paper money issued today is Federal Reserve notes. The real backing for the nation's money is faith in the strength, soundness and stability of the American economy."

- The Hats the Federal Reserve Wears, FRB of Philadelphia

Faith . . . in a lie.

There is actually no such thing as a "silver dollar." They were DOLLARS OF SILVER. If you were to go into a meat store, you wouldn't ask for a chicken pound. You would ask for a pound of chicken.

By controlling your language, I can control what you think. And if I can control what you think, I can make you my slave.

Now ask yourself this question. Do you own your home if it is paid for free and clear? If you can say yes, you have been living a lie. Because if you do not pay the RENT that is owed to the state every year, you will find out who owns your home as they throw you out and put someone in there who is able to pay the rent. Oh, that's right . . . in Russia , they call it rent. Here we call it "property taxes."

Do your children got to "public school"? And are they being taught how to read and write with the intention of making them into upstanding young men and women? If you believe this, you have been believing a lie. For the schools are not "public" in the sense, but rather "government schools," and their purpose is to indoctrinate the children into the religion of state worship or Baal worship, as the Bible calls it. That is why Johnny cannot read. For if he could read, he would be a threat to the existing order.

Do you think you own your automobile if you pay it off free and clear? Wrong again. The state owns your automobile. You only have a vested interest. Your title, which was the manufacturer statement of origin, is given to the state by the seller and you are given a "certificate of title," which means that there is a title SOMEWHERE. And unless you have possession of the title, you don't have ownership.

Do you go to a place every weekend commonly called a church? Is it a STATE church or a church of some sort of Christian denomination? Chances are, it is a STATE church, but you "think" you are going to a Christian church. For if the church is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation, it was created by the state and has to follow the state's edicts. So have you been living this lie, too?

Is that your name on your drivers license? Oh, yes, you say . . . nope, just another LIE you have been living. For an all capital name is a FICTION created for you by the state agents. You represent the fiction and are willing to act as surety for it, but you can't be a fiction in reality. And reality is based on truth. Fictions are based on lies.

Actually, most Americans are functional communists and don't even realize it. For if you were to take a close look at the Communist Manifesto's 10 planks, you would find that they are all in force and effect in the land of the slaves and the home of the cowards. That is the TRUTH. It isn't the land of the free and the home of the brave. That is a LIE.

Do you REALLY think your vote makes a hill of beans difference? If you do, you have been living a lie. For it is not the vote you make that counts as much as who counts the votes.

Do you claim to believe in the Kingdom of God , but live the lie of the Kingdom of fill in the blank with the state you live in? Which is a FICTION, and isn't a FICTION a nice way of saying a LIE?

Shall I go on? Why don't we either quit being hypocrites and live the TRUTH, or at least be willing to admit that we are a bunch of lying parrots who have been told so many times that we are "free" that even though we are living in a cage, we can squawk as the parrot does, 'I am free.'

You are not free if you have to get permission to travel. You are not free if you have to submit to searches to fly. You are not free if you have to allow a police officer to search your car at his whim if you are stopped. You are not free if you have to get permission from someone to add an addition to your home. You are not free if you have to pay taxes (rent) on your "personal property." You are not free if you have to ask permission to own a gun or to carry one. You are not free if you can be forced to go to a far away land and kill people whether you want to or not.

YOU ARE AN INDENTURED SERVANT TO THE STATE. And you have a choice . . . LIVE THE LIE, or wake up, throw off your chains of slavery, accept the REALITY of God's Kingdom and throw the concepts of man called states, countries, presidents, congressmen, senators, judges, and policemen in the trash heap of history. It IS your choice.

I am just giving you some things to think about.

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