Sodomy and Statism

That the hypocrite reign not, lest the people be ensnared. ~ Job 34:30

In my inbox the other day I received another one of those cut-and-paste-and-forward political mass mailings, this one containing a link to an article advising me to 'Blame the GOP for Pro-Sodomy Court Decision.' Blame who for what? From all the hype and hoopla surrounding this case, you'd think something really important had happened. Honestly, the only thing more ridiculous than the Supreme Court having any kind of discussion about socially permissible forms of consensual sex is the amount of fallout over the decision coming from 'conservative' and 'Christian' political busybodies.

My personal position on the matter, as a Christian anarchist, is that I have no position on the matter -- as a Christian anarchist. As rational human beings, however, how could any of us see this whole affair as anything other than simply outrageous? Not only is the very topic of this latest debate utter nonsense, so too is the form. This made it all the way to the Supreme Court? Just how much did that cost you? Between the six-figure incomes of the 'justices,' the salaries of their clerks and secretaries and guards and everyone else employed by the State in that one particular institution, how many millions of dollars (a day!) of your money did 'your' government spend deciding what it would or wouldn't permit consenting adults to do with their genitals in the privacy of their own homes?

It has been said that the aggregate tax rate in this country is 44-48%, meaning nearly half of your income ends up back in the hands of The Government. Ask yourself, 'which would I prefer: to have almost twice the amount of money I have in my pocket right now, or to live in a country that spends that money for me on things like debating the legislation of consensual sex acts?' Do you still think you live in a free society?

I mention above that I'm a Christian anarchist because what I find equally disturbing about this fiasco is the vehement reaction of so-called 'Christian conservatives' to the court's decision. If indeed we're still reading from the same Book, those people must not be on the same page as I. While I may not be able to quote the Bible as well as some of the current 'righteous indignants,' I do seem to recall several admonitions to 'judge not, lest ye be judged.' As a matter of fact, part of my personal opposition to the publicly-funded State judicial system stems from an understanding that, according to the Bible, NO person is fit to 'judge' any other person (this is not to imply, however, that simple secular logic does not dictate the same).

If indeed these people believe that 'we' should outlaw homosexual acts because they (the acts) are sinful, where are the perfect, sinless champions of this cause? Was it not Jesus that said, 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'? Further, did Jesus not teach that no particular sin was any worse than another? Wouldn't that mean that to 'crusade' legally and politically against homosexuality, or for that matter any other real or perceived immorality is an utter hypocrisy to anyone who reads and believes in the Bible? One thing that I personally get out of reading about the life of Jesus is that he didn't think very highly of hypocrites. Neither do I.

The aforementioned commentary that I received (unsolicited) in my email begins with the statement:

'With one stroke of the pen, faggotry has triumphed at the Supreme Court.'

This from a site promising 'A Look at Politics from a Christian Constitutionalist Perspective.' Christian? As in, 'disciple of Christ?' Surely I'm not the only person that somehow doubts Jesus would go around referring to people as 'faggots.' Constitutionalist? Although I personally am opposed to the notion of individual rights stemming from anything someone deemed worthy of writing down on some sacred piece of paper, I must concede that one of the finer points of said sacred paper was a prohibition against passing laws on the basis of religious beliefs. It would appear as though the people raising such Cain over this issue are neither Christian nor Constitutionalists, they're simply Statist tyrants who have no compunction about letting you and I foot the bill for their various legalist 'crusades' to shape the State in their own image.

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