A Personal Declaration of Independence

Be it known that I, Alfred A. Hambidge, Jr., hereby declare my independence from any and all who dare claim dominion over me. I will not be forced, coerced, stomped on, stamped, labeled, numbered, filed, defiled, chained, hobbled, bought, sold, compromised, or silenced. My life is my own. Over my own mind and body, I am Sovereign.

I shall work to plant the seeds of Liberty into fertile hearts, and nurture those where it has taken root.

I will strive to thwart the plans of those who think of people only as expendable things to be used, abused, and discarded.

I will oppose collectivism in all its forms and proclaim the supremacy of the individual.

I shall fight every kind of tyranny over the minds, bodies, and property of men.

I will be an ally to all who love and understand Liberty, without regard to what they look like, where they come from, how they choose to live, or how or if they worship.

I will not hate, for hate clouds the mind, blackens the heart, and corrupts the soul, until one becomes the evil he opposes.

In all things, I will conduct myself honorably, because Liberty without Honor, like Freedom without Virtue, cannot be sustained.

I will live as a Free Man.

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Al Hambidge morbidly watches the Rise of Empire, wondering why so many are admiring the emperor’s new clothes.