Radical Feminists Infest Canada

I never thought I'd be as grateful as I am today that my grandfather accepted the Ford Motor Company's transfer from Canada to the USA back in 1925. He was a Canadian citizen living in the province of Ontario when Ford announced that the American plants needed more skilled laborers. Luckily, he gathered up his family and crossed the Ambassador Bridge to settle in the country in which he is now buried. Had he not left when he did, I'd probably be a citizen of Her Majesties Matriarchy' otherwise known as Canada.

For some bizarre and twisted reason, Canada the creator of hockey'which is the world's greatest sport'has decided to informally become a matriarchy. They have embraced the idea that men are second class citizens as Flynn documented in his 2002 book, Why the Left Hates America, 'Canada, for instance, prohibits speech that 'degrades' or 'dehumanizes' women.'[p.167] How disgraceful is it that a country would specify one group of citizens as being the 'anointed' ones. We should heed the Canadian warning and make sure that no hate crimes legislation is adopted here (as it specifies certain members of our population as being 'chosen ones'). I cannot believe that Canadian men would legislate their own inferiority by accepting that chromosomal makeup has something to do with their legal rights and protections.

Today, I read in Canada's National Post that the radical feminists want to define any type of male organizations that dare to refute their outrageous lies as being enemies of the people. This news article is referring to a federally financed report which analyzed the radical feminist accusations and, of course, decided that the feministas had cause for concern due to the presence of 'masculinist groups' on the internet. The whole basis of the report is that men's groups demean women, but of course they do not. The only people who are being ridiculed are a small subset of women known as radical feminists. The overpaid authoress of the report unwittingly admitted this fact when she stated, 'In conducting this research, we found attacks on feminists on a lot of sites. We were only reflecting what we saw on their sites.' Again, she makes the mistake of unveiling her nefarious intention by substituting 'feminists' for women.

The cowardly radical feminists fear being criticized so much that they attempt to formulate any discussion of their insane power hungry characteristics as being a hate crime. This useless report confirmed it by saying, 'Among the report's recommendations is that an organization similar to Hate Watch be established to monitor men's groups on the Web, that inciting hatred on the basis of gender should be a hate crime and that women's groups establish a network to counter the masculinists' views.' They already have two such networks--they're called the North American universities and media. What the world definitely does not need is another parasitic governmental enforcement agency such as the one their task force, of course, recommends.

Let me state plainly here, in case any bureaucrats are monitoring my speech, that the radical feminists are one of the greatest threats to freedom in the northern hemisphere. They attempt to equate every criticism of them with a criticism of 'women' in general. They have a sadistic need to control others, and their mechanism for garnering this control is to prohibit other viewpoints through judicial fiat.

Their goal has never been equality. The purpose of radical feminism is to gain superiority. Indeed, they are offended by the very notion of equality, as Schlafly in her 2003 Feminist Fantasies observed: 'In the 1990's, the feminists no longer even pay lip service to a gender-equality goal (except, of course, when it suits their purposes). Their goals are the feminization and subordination of men, and their tactics are to cry 'victimization' and 'conspiracy.''[p.145] If these womyn didn't tell so many lies about men, then they wouldn't need to try to outlaw websites and free speech. They are the privileged elite of Canada, and the feminazi report they authored speaks down to the herd from the apex of their own supremacy.

There is only one thing to do as a response, which is to criticize them more. What they fear the most is criticism. That's what really stirs up the hysteria within their own organizational psych wards. They hate being laughed at, and this is the best reason to sit back and howl every time one of them tries to ban Frosty the Snowman as being the embodiment of a fictional patriarchy.

My advice is to never surrender an inch of ground to these people. They exist to destroy the polarity between men and women. They are evil, and you and I should not meet the devil halfway by considering any of their statist laws or suggestions for better living. Their programs are unabashedly socialistic, but they are so uneducated that they do not understand that only capitalism can provide the resources for the fulfillment of all their sick legal fetishes and enactments.

Canada has bought into their vicious lies and mass produced them through their legislatures. Stand ready and make sure that we do not.

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