20 Examples of the Obama Administration Assault on Domestic Civil Liberties


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"Civil liberties" is an oxymoron.

Agricultural city-Statism (Civil-ization) is a deliberate Prison of domesticated plants and domesticated animals, including the human Pleistocene band animal.

Just because you have a plush "private" cell and "Prison Liberties" negotiated with the hierarchical elite wardens, doesn't mean you're anything close to free.

Yet talking about the civi/prison walls, or even suggesting that they're collapsing from rot, really upsets most people in the "liberty" movement. They merely want incremental changes, like prison guards who will treat them with respect, a "privatized" mess hall, "privatized" prison janitors, and private prison cells instead of group dorms.

Libertarian types are mostly in favor of the prison itself. It's their comfort, its the only life they know. They want the walls. It's sort of like Stockholm Syndrome.