1 Million Hours on Pot Arrests? How Quotas and Illegal Stops Waste NYPD Resources


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Do cops really mean to do what they do--they do what they are told to do. When you go to a job and your supervisor tells you to produce a certain quantity of product per month or there will be consequences, 1) you will do as told if you want to keep the job and feed your familie and etc. or 2) you walk of and look for work less demanding and less stupid.
The cops have no control over the law or what their department policy states. So. Is the cop really responsible. He is doing what he was told to do and maybe didn''t want to do it. How many did the let go after they got there 20?
As everyone knows, this is nothing but stupid power. It is no different than the DEA. How many millions of dollars would be saved if the government simply decriminalized the drug. Have the FDA stamp it as dangerous for your health, put a fine tax on it to clear up the national debt and there we go. The same as a good bottle of scotch. One problem remains and that is kids. Even at $6.00 a pack, kids are still smoking. How do you plrevent kids from getting and smoking? You don't! That is the tragedy.