‘Epic’ Property Owner Response to Oregon DNR’s Request to Survey Land for Rare Frog


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I love it. The only thing I would have added would have been: "***If you have applied to other property owners in the State of Oregan, we will also require a copy of your applications and proof of payment to them. Thank you."

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I am surprised that they even bothered to ask. Here in MI it would be "we're doing this, don't get in the way."

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I'm so happy that I moved away from Michigan, specifically metro Detroit. I lived there 50+ years. When I visit MI, I am shocked at how bad the roads are, how much traffic there is everywhere and how nasty and depressed many people are. Also the property taxes are very high, car insurance is 5-10 times higher in MI than NC. Gas is almost a dollar a gallon higher than in SC where I get my gas when I can. I love NC! I wish I'd have moved here years ago!